Take Care Utah - How Health Insurance Helped Save Meztli’s Life

How Health Insurance Helped Save Meztli’s Life

Meztli’s mother Denisse tells the story in her own words of how health insurance helped save Meztli’s life...

When Meztli was about 3 months old she got really sick from a respiratory problem that is common in young children called “croup”. I was at work and my husband was taking care of Meztli. He kept giving me updates saying her cough was getting worse. I was thinking she was home sick with a bad cold and cough. When I got home I could see she was coughing almost nonstop and having a hard time breathing. Her skin color was almost purple.

I panicked when I saw her and decide I needed to take her to the emergency room. Once we got there, Meztli was transferred to Primary Children’s hospital almost instantly. She had to take an ambulance because she had to stay on oxygen. The swelling in her throat was making it hard for her to breathe and get the oxygen she needed. We were not allowed to drive her to the hospital. As soon as we got to the hospital, she continued on oxygen and was also given medication through a nebulizer.

This is something we were not expecting. Meztli is our second child and we had never had a baby this sick before. I’m just glad we were able to make the quick decisions that we did and not have to double think the situation. If we didn’t have health insurance, we would have waited to see how she did overnight and hoped for the best.

I don’t think our little Meztli would have survived over night without oxygen. It breaks my heart to think that way. Having health insurance didn’t only save her life but it also saved us from having medical debt. There is no way we would have been able to afford the medical bills. From the ambulance ride to the medical treatment. It adds up very quickly. I remember getting the bill for the ambulance ride it was about $1,500 and with insurance we only paid $300. There is no doubt having health insurance is important.

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