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What is Medicaid

Medicaid is a state program that pays for medical services for low-income individuals, elderly or disabled, or people with cervical or breast cancer. To qualify you must meet income criteria. Medicaid covers preventative care, vaccines, prescriptions, maternity
care and more!

What is CHIP

CHIP or Childrens Health Insurance Program is a state health insurance program for low-income children with no coverage option. To qualify you must meet income criteria. CHIP covers child exams, vaccines, emergency care, prescriptions, hearing and eye exams,
mental health services, dental care and more!

What is Marketplace or ACA

Marketplace (ACA) is where you can purchase private health insurance from plans available in your state, if you don't qualify for Medicaid. There are three levels of coverage, bronze, silver and gold plans. All vary in price.
Marketplace insurance covers emergency services, pregnancy and newborn care, prescriptions, mental health services and more!