Linkage Coordinator Project

Program Description & Benefits

In this free program, in partnership with DHHS, trained linkage coordinators will help individuals with IDD identify their unmet health needs. Participants will then be linked to healthcare providers, mental health providers, and health promotion programs. Linkages will be based on participants’ needs and wants. Participants enrolled in the program will see:

    1. Fewer unmet preventive health and mental health care needs
    2. Improved health and wellness behaviors
    3. Reduced chronic conditions and risk factors

What is Provided to Participants

Participants meet with a Linkage Coordinator at a screening appointment to determine unmet needs. The participant then receives a referral to a preventative healthcare provider, mental healthcare provider, health promotion programs, or other services, such as transportation or housing, based on their answers to the screening questions. Participants will have a 3-month follow-up appointment to ensure needs have been met and to receive new referrals if needed. At the screening appointment and 3-month follow-up participant will receive:

    1. Knowledge assessment
    2. Health education
    3. Referrals (as needed)

Participants can earn up to $75 for their participation in the project, with $25 awarded at three separate stages.


  • 18+ years old
  • Utah Resident
  • Has an intellectual or developmental disability, a traumatic brain injury, or a mobility limitation

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