MyCase Tutorial

*on a computer 

1) home page  


MyCase can be accessed at 


Follow the instructions in this video to create a new, or log into an existing, account: myCase is Now Mobile Friendly and Easier to Navigate – YouTube 

When you get into your mycase account, the homepage will show helpful links and notices. Make sure to read any unread notices in your mycase account so you don’t miss any needed verifications or important information. You can also check for unread notices by clicking on the documents tab on the left side menu. If verifications are due, they can be uploaded directly to mycase.

2) benefit overview 

To see an overview of any open programs, review dates, and contact information, select case summary from the menu on the left-hand side of the Mycase homepage.  

This page will show you your case number, case members, pending or open benefit programs, and upcoming reviews. This page will also show you the current contact information that DWS has for your case including home address, mailing address, phone number, and email.  

If you have changes to report 

If the information on your case summary looks out of date, you will want to go back to the home screen and click on report changes

Once you click on that, a page will open that allows you to select what you need to change. You can update your address, phone number, employment information, rent/shelter Infromation, other income information, and pregnancy information.

If you have a review due

If you have a review due, it can be completed through the Mycase portal. From the home page, select complete review

Start a review 

This page will appear after clicking start a review. This page will let you update any information that may have changed since your last Medicaid application was submitted.  

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